Performance Client

“Dr. Walker’s services were very valuable to me in the last few years. He provided a special combination of kindness, strength and coaching. The reason I came back to him when I didn’t go back to others was because in my experience, many psychologists didn’t seem interested in challenging me. Instead, I felt they were just agreeing with everything I said and giving in to my excuses. Stephen Walker persevered to coach me to better myself, instead of letting me feel sorry for myself. Yet at the same time, he was forever kind and patient. That is an ability that I think is uniquely “Dr. Stephen Walker.” Not everyone can find a balance between kindness/empathy and the toughness of a good coach.” -GP

Parent of an Athlete

“Two things…. First I just wanted to personally say thank you to you. The change we have seen in M. has brought such joy to me, thank you doesn’t seem enough. Her thought process is so much more positive not only on the soccer field but off of it also! The tools and techniques you have helped her with have had such a great influence on her and I am so grateful to you! If she can continue to use these throughout her life, she will be so blessed. With all of that being said, I was wondering if you’d be willing to work with another daughter of mine. She is a sophomore in college and no longer an athlete but she really could use some guidance on her mindset.” -SB

Performing Artist

“Hello Dr. Walker, I thought I’d let you know that this past Friday, I won a leading position (Assistant Principal) in the Kennedy Center’s Orchestra. I think your session really helped me with some new tools for the audition process, and I want to thank you for an efficient session with quick results!” -SY

Hockey Goaltender

“As a goalie, the single most important skill is your mental game.  I began working with Doc in the middle of a deep slump and he got me playing my best game for the following 2-3 years of working with him. Working with Dr. Walker was absolutely crucial to my development and success as a goaltender.”- ECHL Junior Hockey goaltender

High School Swimmer

My daughter came to Dr. Walker because she was experiencing extreme pre-race anxiety and would also get very down on herself after her races. Dr. Walker taught her how to stay calm, focus, and prepare for races with confidence. He continually reminded her that the most important aspect was to have fun! The results have been incredible! She now exudes much more confidence. Her time drops have been dramatic and she made her first Sectionals cut!  SG