Athlete Assessments

Please read the description of each item and, using the following scale, record the degree to which you feel the statement describes you:

1-Not at All 2-Very Little 3-Somewhat 4-Very Much 5-Totally

(Adapted from R. Leahy – Cognitive Therapy: Basic Principles & Applications, 1996, AMICT, NY)

This is one example of Dr. Stephen Walker’s assessment process. He uses this and other surveys to ascertain “how” you respond to different situations and circumstances every performer must contend with. He uses this information to choose the mental skills likely to be most helpful to you. He then designs your personal conditioning program better enabling you to prepare for competitions, give your best effort, and adopt a winning attitude in every situation you face.

This particular assessment will qualify you for a quick 20-minute one-on-one strategy session with Dr. Walker to discuss your results, to meet and get to know him and gain some insights, tools, and methods designed to help you perform your best when it counts the most. Want to adopt a champion’s mindset? Give it a try!

You can learn more about the assessment process by visiting his website at