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Dr. Stephen Walker

Athletic and Performance Consultant

Stephen Walker is your host and a Founding Member of the Podium Performance Academy.  Please step inside and check it out. PPA is perhaps your best online resource for learning about the methods, techniques, and strategies behind Mental Conditioning for Performance Excellence.  Our guide is Dr. Stephen Walker, a brilliant teacher and master strategist who has helped hundreds of athletes and performers find joy in performing their best when it counts the most.

It is a fact that high-level performers have greater levels of stress and tension.  These are but two of the many factors that can rob you of confidence, focus, and the positive ability to perform well in any circumstance.

Our goal is to bring YOU the very best in training programs for Athletes, Performing Artists, Parents, and Coaches wanting to make a real difference.  Although we’re just getting started in this format, PPA promises to provide you with quality instruction, and a system of tried and true methods tested and honed by the world’s best.

Dr. Stephen Walker has been helping athletes and performing artists for over 30 years.  He has seen his students succeed at every level.  Three of his athletes have stood on the Podium in World Championships or Olympic Games – in different sports.  He is a graduate professor in Sport and Performance Psychology and a member of the United States Olympic Committee’s Registry of Sport Psychology.  More importantly, he is a warm, fun loving human being whose greatest joy is seeing those around him succeed.

This endeavor, the Podium Performance Academy is a group effort featuring the best efforts of several talented folks.  Matt Isola, our user experience designer and technology sherpa is a master at helping me craft solid lessons that are both efficient and memorable.  Our webmaster, Doug Wray is a solid contributor with a keen eye toward keeping things simple yet elegant.  Our researchers include Ellen Angeloni, Conor Dauer, and Alli Mallory, and Ellie Dunlap – who have all contributed richly to the development of this effort.  Finally, Donna Walker helps keep us focused and on task.  Thanks to each for their valued contributions.

“Performance Skills must be learned, just like confidence must be developed.  Dr. Walker has earned my highest endorsement.  For anyone who is solution-oriented, excited to learn how to harness their strengths, and willing to put in some work on their end, Dr. Walker’s systems provide a sustainable, positive method for pursuing (and achieving!) one’s goals.”  ER

What is Holding YOU Back?

If you experience ANY of these concerns
– we have a program for you…

Stress that feels overwhelming at times … and makes you doubt yourself

You have Performance Anxiety … it gets in the way

Distractions break your focus … and cause you to make mistakes

Your Concentration fails under pressure

Confidence fades when it’s time to Perform

Runaway Emotions damage your Composure

Losing control costs you the Podium – or – your encore

You Lose Sight of  Your Goals – and – how to See Yourself Being Successful

Negative Self-Talk and Poor thinking habits handicap you before you even start

Problems with Coaches, Parents, Instructors, or, Teammates get in the way

It is hard for you to “Listen” to feedback from those who care about you.  You know it’s important – but – you tune them out and that holds you back

Getting Fired up to Perform is harder and harder, your fire is fading away

Consistency and “Self-Discipline” are hard to achieve, much less maintain

“Thought Discipline” is a foreign language, and you have no translator

Don’t know what the problem is, but – “whatever” – just isn’t working

Performers get hung up. When they do, they hold themselves back.  They get upset, lose their composure.  They just can’t execute.  This is a horrible feeling.  If this is YOU – you worry, or worse, you realize you just don’t have the TOOLS TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

– Performing Artists –

Performing artists experience the same challenges that athletes do.  They must handle stage fright, concentrate and execute brilliantly.  They also need to work in concert with other musicians, conductors, and many different personalities, with a high degree of precision.  For solo artists, the pressure to perform can be immense.   They often experience a huge variety of situations they may be called upon to perform in.  Just auditions alone can be quite challenging, and go on for days.

Hi, Dr. Walker! I thought I’d let you know that this past Friday, I won a leading position (Assistant Principal) in the Kennedy Center’s Orchestra. I think your work really helped me with some new tools for the audition process, and I want to thank you for an efficient session with quick results!  SY

Welcome to the Podium Performance Academy

If you’ve seen the PodiumSportsJournal.com – you’ve observed the quality work of  Dr.Stephen Walker, as he has edited and written some of the best content available to performers today.  If you’ve had the privilege of working with him personally – you’ve experienced firsthand – the systems he teaches, and his warm personality.  His success has been remarkable, and his students tell the story every time they perform.  The PPA distills the best of his systems into an educational format available to you.   Learn the Why on the About page.